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David Yauch, Certified Trainer  

Does your horse have any of these problems?

David can correct the problem permanently.





Trail Riding/obstacles

Is your horse always nervous?

Is your horse nervous and sweating all the time? Always hyper and looking around, paying attention to everything but you? David can alleviate its nervousness, teach it to remain calm, teach it to look to you for guidance, security, and leadership, and teach you how to ask your horse to become and remain calm.

​Spooky at home or away

“Happy Feet” once mounted, won’t stand still

Difficult for the farrier, pulls feet away, won’t lift them

Difficult for the vet, hates shots, won’t cooperate

Won’t get in a trailer, is afraid of the trailer, requires butt rope, feed, or a shot to get it in

He will make sure that your horse will be polite for you, and respectful of you, and perform for you as and when requested. When you make a request, it will respond. After working with your horse, and perhaps with you on his own school horse, he will coach you while you step in and work with your horse yourself, under his guidance. He will not quit until you are satisfied.

Whenever your horse is ridden out on a trail away from Morgan Springs Farm, you will be invited to accompany David and your horse either mounted on another of your horses or one David can provide, at no extra cost.

Does your horse have people problems?

Sometimes people don’t have horse problems, horses have people problems. David can help you improve your horsemanship, refine the use of your aids, and improve your riding ability. It could be that when your horse is tossing its head or acting up, your horse is trying to tell you to get out of its mouth, to stop tensing up on the reins every time you ask for a trot or canter, to relax in the saddle, to only use your legs when you want something to change, to stop blocking its movement or throwing it off balance. David can provide your horse relief, thus helping it to be the Perfect Horse it is inside, by helping you to be the confident, relaxed, soft, centered rider and leader that your horse craves you to be.

Samples of training David can provide


Is your relationship with your horse broken?

Is your relationship with your horse in need of repair?
Have you been thrown from your horse and hurt? Do you love it, but are you afraid to ride it? But you’d really like to ride it again, and have as much fun as you used to?
David can work with both you and your horse to heal your relationship, restore your confidence (initially using a horse he provides) in yourself and your mount.

Ground manners, pushy, runs over you when you try to lead it

Mouthy, orally fixated, nibbling/biting




Won’t stand still in hand

Won’t stand still for mounting or dismounting

Can’t tighten the girth or saddle it

Difficulty bridling it​

Can you trail ride your horse and enjoy it?

If not, David can teach your mount to be a calm, relaxed, confident partner on the trail who will negotiate any and all obstacles encountered, and even go swimming with you.

No-cost assessment!

Call to see if you are eligible for a no-cost assessment of your situation at your location (eligibility dependent on distance/time to travel). If you are eligible, David will come to meet you and your horse, and provide you advice and counsel, at no cost (though he greatly enjoys a nice glass of Merlot each evening at the end of the day—it’s medicinal you know, as is the dark chocolate he frequently nibbles on with his wine—both are great for the heart! He never turns down the gift of a bottle).

References to the many satisfied clients who have benefited by David’s help can and will be provided upon request.

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Group lessons & clinics

Do you have a group of folks who have a particular training skill they’d like to be taught or shown, or a common problem? Riding Club, Hunt Club, Pony Club, 4H’ers, Trail Club, Boarders at your barn? Friends/neighbors? David specializes in Control Clinics, which begin with Ground Control and transition to Saddle Control. David does 2-session Horse Starting Clinics, Problem Horse Clinics, Trailer Loading Clinics, Improving Your Horsemanship Clinics, Ground Manners Clinics, De-spooking or Spook-in-Place Clinics—almost any topic can be covered or presented. Call or email for your custom-designed clinic.

​As a Certified Natural Horsemanship Trainer, David can provide you with the entire range and complement of horsemanship training for you or your horse. This process is from start to finish, for any discipline or style of riding, gaited or not, and it can be conducted at your location (with suitable facilities) or at Morgan Springs Farm. If it is feasible, you may be present for any and all training, and in some cases, will be required to be. In all cases you will be required to spend time with David and your horse to transfer training and cues from him to you. Horses are relationship oriented—they know who is on their back, or leading them around. He wants you to be able to control your horse, and you will be asked to demonstrate that to his satisfaction.

Do you have issues in the arena?

Does your horse have a problem performing in the arena due to being overly concerned with the environment? Won’t get on the rail? Won’t stay on the rail? Runs your legs into the rail? Is more worried about what is outside the arena than inside? Worried about the other horses, more attentive to them than to you?

If so, David can correct that.

Do you have problems controlling your horse, either physically, emotionally, or both?

David can teach you how to maintain both physical and emotional control over your horse, or regain it if lost.

Do you have to longe your horse for 20 or 30 minutes before you can safely ride it?

David can fix that problem forever.

Are you in control of your horse?​

David considers there to be two aspects to control of a horse, which must be taught to both horse and rider/handler: physical control, and emotional control. You should know how to request physical and emotional control of your horse, maintain it, or regain it if lost. Your horse should know how to respond appropriately to your requests and do so each and every time. If your horse does not respond to your requests, you do not have control of your horse. Your horse should move its feet when and where asked, and stop moving its feet, or not move its feet when asked.

Your horse should remain calm and relaxed in your presence at all times. If something scares it (it is a prey animal, and has every right to be afraid sometimes), it should look to you for guidance, but not move its feet. And when you tell it not to be afraid, it should cease being afraid. You should know how to make requests for control both physically and emotionally, and how to provide your horse the leadership all horses need and want, above all other things. David can take you and your horse to this heaven on earth.

Halter Breaking/Taming/Leading

Gentling/Starting to Saddle or Harness

Trailer Loading

Ground Manners

Finishing/Lateral Work​

Natural Horse & Rider Training